Thursday, May 29, 2014

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Jeuel's lineage

I guess I forgot something very important. Here's some information on Jeuel's lineage.
                                                                                                    RUMINAJA ALI                         
                                                                           THE MINSTRIL
                                             TC MONIETS LEGACY                        
                                                                                                          RG AL MONE
                                                                            RAVENWOOD MONEE                                                                    
                                             GCFOREVER BLEST                        SAUD EL MAAROUFA

Thursday, May 10, 2012

   Hi everyone!

 Here's a couple more recent pictures of Jeuel, just took these last week, He hasn't had a bath yet though!

What a face! 2 years old

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

see these videos of  Jeuel
  The first time I gave Jeuel his ball, he knew it was his. He played with it for about 45 minutes.
  He is so exceptionally intelligent.  Didn't take him long to figure out how to pick it up.  I'm pretty sure he thinks I should be playing with him.

Monday, April 30, 2012

what a beautiful face
Jeuel thinks he's human.  He just does not understand   why I live in the house, and he has to stay in the paddock!
  My name is Ginger, I'm a born & raised Montana country girl.  My folks had 9 children. I'm number 8, 7 girls & 2 boys, and believe me, my brothers were spoiled by us girls.
  My folks are still together after 62 years of marriage, and they still love each other.
  I'm starting this blog because I have a horse.  Not just any horse!  His name is Jeuel, He was born in 2010. His dam is a mare I leased from Suzy Foss @ Gold Creek Arabians. She's a straight Egyptian Arabian mare. Her name is,GC Forever Blest. I bred her to Suzy Foss's straight Egyptian Arabian Stallion TC Moniets Legacy. 
  The name Jeuel is Hebrew for God Heals!  When he was born, his dam had a pretty hard time. When all was said & done she just didn't have enough milk for the little guy. Had the vet up to tube the colostrum into his little tummy, than tried to get him to take a bottle, but he just wasn't interested, 4 days later he still hadn't gotten more than 1/2 oz, of milk at one time, so I called the vet again, He suggested that I buy goat milk replacer, as this has more fat content, and this colt obviously needed whatever help he could get. Dr Richardson DVM. came up and tubed some of the goats milk into him.  Still I couldn't get him to take a nipple..
  Day 7:  Still hadn't been able to get him to take a bottle, by now I'm about to give up, the colt was so weak by this time, he won't even lay down, just stands there with his legs spread out and head hanging down. I got out of bed this morning with a prayer to God, to please either show me what to do or help me to let him go, of course by now I am very attached!  As I'm mixing another batch of goats milk, and thinking this is another waste, I remembered seeing him suck a little water from the bucket, so I thought, Hey why don't I try milk in a bowl?  I was having no trouble at all getting him to suck my fingers, so when I get to the barn, I go over to the colt, with my prayers to God to help, and dipped my fingers into the milk, The colt latched onto them right away, I just moved them down into the bowl of milk and, he drank all of it.
  So this is about my little orphan, how smart and fun he has been.  I'm hoping to show the world this intellegent animal.  He'll be offered for Stallion service in 2014
Jeuel 1 year old